The Power of Art: “supremacist” Poetry

Yeah I know…you have all got a limited amount of time to dedicate to the pleasures of the soul. You skim through dozens of new posts and pick one or two of them, which you feel might sound more adherent to your vision.

Yet you carefully avoid arguments sounding somehow connected to your studies, back in the day. Wrong!

Poetry is important nowadays as it has been for centuries. A faithful & devoted companion to mankind.

But why,  you will legitimately ask, do you stress this concept now and here? Why  you, as an anonymous blogger, do think we, as readers, should deepen the subject or even show some focalized interest in it?

The answer will sound concise & simple to the most of you:

Poetry can caress the Ineffable with Musicality. It is able now, as it was centuries ago, to express the unspeakable by depicting with a single token of  few Verses,  what pages & pages of cultured terms would never be able to say. It is keen to firmly grab what thousands yelled words would never achieve.

Entire universes can be probed to our perception. I’d dare to say, a few targeted Verses can disclose that elusive and superior Truth no article will ever be able to tap.
Here for your eyes to see and for your soul to perceive,   a archetype of popular poetry in the form of a Sonnet.

Take your time to appreciate the construction of this form of Art which is elegantly articulated into what, in Classic Literature & Reinassance,  is named as ‘Kissed Rhyme’.

Rhythm & Musicality are outstanding, topic elements of this literary form of expression.

The Refoolgee

“Once I met a refoolgee,
And I was forced to yell..Gee..!
Plugs & phone, stylish hair,
Even a bubba would say, its unfair.
He did claim he’d skipped war
But all I saw,  was just a whore
Ear rings & neck chain: watching it was just a pain.
He kept screaming about White hate, but it’s just all mongrels’ fate.
Now move back where you belong, or you’ll taste an aryan dong”





37 thoughts on “The Power of Art: “supremacist” Poetry

    1. Thanks. The real fun was to post this stuff and see the reaction of the shill and, on, the stupor of the local zio idiots.
      Can you imagine when I addressed my therapy to a zio chick all she could reply was..that I wasn’t supposed to act as a friend of hers…!…:))

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    1. Hahahahaha!! I have countless ‘verses’ and even ‘dreams’. You will never imagine the reactions of the zio bubbas online, when I posted that crap on their site claiming it was a fine example of poetry….!…:)

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      1. 🙂 Ok, Give me some time. I have those ‘poems’ saved in the notebook. I’ll check them asap.
        Note: those verses were addressed to a nefarious trans-faggot who uses to pollute thw conv on Nodisinfo & other blogs. He plays any character of real posters and fancy names of women too. He hooked Sinead McCarthy posting on HW board excerpts of my Therapy for zio-chicks™ which the hysteric gal used to attack me. In any case I managed to unveil the shill to all posters there and elsewhere. I also popped up in a zionist portal where I knew that trash was hiding. They had a gust of fresh poetry too..

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      2. Here comes a ‘poem’. Remember to appreciate the metaphoric musicality…

        Rudolf Friedrich 01 ( NaZZi-Rudi hunting Gabriel down)

        “Yelling, faking, stealing & lying..

        take care, Gabs, the Seabird is flying.

        Low and fast, rugged and strong

        He’s gonna sing you, the hardest Song.

        Down in the Dark and up in the Nest

        it’s simply the guest, your blossom want best…!.”

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      3. A tribute to Gabriel Poofter-Puppet freak & Aliases:

        “Up n’ Down, In an’ Out,

        …how much you love, this German Kraut?

        You adore the Thing, it’s clear as Light,

        That’s why you fake, you wanna Fight.

        You call him NaZ, homophob-ant’ $emite,

        but you’r drivin’ wild, to be his Bride.

        A nasty one & deviant too. What ever else, should I do?

        I bash you hard in Light and Dark,

        until you quit that gayish Bark.”

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      4. More Poetry for our zio-Cabbie (Gabriel, named gaybee, gaybob or, due to his frequent admitted trips to Indonesia where he probably tries to fish kids, TPP= trans pacific pervert):


        Taa-Taa-Ta-Tat, but:

        It all ends up, in your anal Bat..

        Thou scream and cry,

        rant n’ rave

        as you can’t hide, that shitty Cave.

        No One can say, you are not a Troll,

        that’s why thou, Gabs, can’t skip the Brawl.

        You’re bent on Knees,

        the Arse well red,

        yet you pollute, the whole our Thread.

        What do you want? Rud has asked.

        goddam: you’ve promptly shown, your biggest Basket”.

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      5. Oh, what a Mess,

        what a big Crime

        your whole red Butt

        won’t worth a Dime.

        Too long you’ve stayed

        too much been drilled

        yet you uphold,

        you get ass-thrilled.

        Alas, you: great Villain

        you’re surely out, of your Domain.

        It’s zio-Land, the one you seek:

        thus, go backwards, thou, perverse Freak!

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      6. ‘What have you done,

        you’r driving mad..!

        Oh, you’ll be the one, who’s getting sad.

        You have abused so many Nicks,

        they are shaping out, as lethal Pricks.

        You get confused: it’s not Salami,

        but your other aka , maybe, Origami?

        You type as Cyndi, and Cute too,

        but instead of Chicks, I smell some poo.

        It’s your gaping arse that’s leaking here.

        You’ll never say, but it’s your Fear’.

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      7. “I’m a NaZZi Reptilian, the Fear of your Backs.

        I’ve come here to tell you: just listen t’ my Tracks!

        In-there, you’ll will find, a Ray in the Dark,

        and maybe your-Butt’s, gonna turn into a Quark”.

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      8. Cartier, I will go on for a while. Remember that what you read here is nothing but a bunch of anti-trolling bursts of kicks. It’s delivered by a kind of street-wise jargon.. or school-type bullying of a lurid pervert.

        “We’re amazed n’ somehow in Pain,

        you’ve just killed your Ass n’ Brain!

        Sgabby, you’ve been farting like a jerk..

        Hmm, that’s no Good for a zio-clerk.

        Please do tell, what’s your Vision, then?

        Hoo…just a mixed, tattooed, sea-man?

        I know, it’s not for you, that much,

        here’s the Why, I tell you such:

        keep it tight, Pervert, with both Lips,

        soon I’ll tell you, a few more Tricks”.

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      9. The following preface is necessary for the next Poem. In fact all the ‘verses’ you can read in this thread are related to specific message of the TPP (Trans Pacific Perv) Gaybob, Gaybee, Peeso shitlord, Cabbie, Gaybriel, Gabriel.

        The back story here is that his mother raped me when I was a little teen and unluckily, following that act of lust, a deviant son, similar to his mother, saw the light:
        Gaybriel..! Dear me!!

        Oy Vey Gaybob..!

        “It was a few minutes I’ve fallen asleep when I found myself in ‘Juifs’, the famous french village where I met your mum..
        Now I was back there..but everything looked much worse than before. I entered a hut in which your mother used to live. Nothing more than few a wooden boards and a tent.
        Your Mom called me: ‘Come, see how beautiful it is……our son….YOUR son…..’

        She pointed to a small bag, wrapped in a spotted blanket…I carefully approached the improvised cradle but what I saw turned out enough to get goose pimples:

        A baby was lying there…but something weird, obscene and nasty required my immediate attention..

        The face of that baby was the one of our current gaybee…..!!
        A pretty old and renown faggot and pervert..

        I freezed….Yet something even more evil was popping out of those human tatters…………… he was talking…the thing was talking…!!

        Something confuse, unclear, sordid was slipping out of that fat & large mouth….. ‘Rudi, Rudi, you are my,…Daddy..Daddy Cool…’…!!

        I woke up with a leap…

        Nah, i won’t sleep anymore after lunch……!!…”

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      10. Obscene gaybee, perverse son,

        you yet ignore, what is bon-ton.

        Your mom did skip, that good abort,

        so you’ve fed ‘n grown, ur rear-end Port.

        It grew so huge-no subterfuge:

        it was your dream. But it’s so grim

        you won’t find help, in BT Sanhedrin.

        You’re desperate: no affiliate, no zionist jew

        will want to know, how do you do,

        as the Army o’ Boots, will come to you.

        Remember thee: in front of them, you’ll leak Pee-Pee.

        Just Daddy Cool, will be around,

        when you lie down, onto the ground.

        What then you’ll hear, it’s not a trick.

        He’ll just pretend, his own zio-chick.

        Then Sis will know, the real, full joy:

        forever be, my own zio-toy.

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      1. It sublimates the barrier between the conscious & the unconscious, the matter & the spirituality, by providing the lucky reader the proper instruments to detect when the shit hits the fan..

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      2. So fancy, man, so fancy!! It shatters every boundary of the beliefs of the average non-racist pal, when they get culturally enriched by a refoolgee who is, nonetheless, less foolish than the non-racist, due to the abhorrent lack of ingroup loyalty of the former and the will to survive (and make the non-racist pony up monies) of the latter.

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      3. Did you hear poop francis? ‘No barrier, no walls. Let those poor refoolgees escaping war, starvation, torture and death come. Fear not the diverse’. What a peeso. And yet it i

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      4. He is a fucking shame for me. And several Catholics (not necessarily Argentinians) are beginning to wonder what peeso (indeed!) is on St. Peter’s chair.
        Yes, that faggot poop makes me feel ashamed of being his connational. What an asshole…
        Fun fact: Three or four years ago I had a dream in which I read on the jewspapers that the Pope (this pope) was killed. Now I’m beginning to wish it became true…

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      5. This anti pope has been placed there to end the job of jewry and freemasonry. Poop woytila, the pervert pole, soros buttboy was the same. And poop Montini the beginner of vatican 2 was a vatica attache’ in Japan during WWII. The faggot passed aerial pics of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the zio amerikans.

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      6. The Second Vatican Council marked the beginning of the end. I am not so religious (only been baptized, and that, obviously, against my will, ’cause of limbo and nosy relatives), but I recon that, even as a bastardized form of pagan worship, the church (notice non-caps) had some significance to European people (and their descendants) through the ages… Of course, it has been far from stellar, and you know pretty well what stunts they have pulled during the last 1800-1900 years. My stance on Christianity can be seen on my last essay: The Eternal Struggle…
        The jews are detaching and emptying (dismantling) the Catholic Church because it has served them well, but now it’s useless… It’s becoming irrelevant, because their inversion of values can be done through secular robes –there is no need to have a priest now, or it’s not so necessary.

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      7. It looks like the terroristic act of via Rasella in ’44 (Rome was declared open city) which killed many disarmed Germans & civilians & led german & italian authorities to retaliate with the Fosse Ardeatine episode begun in Piazza di Spagna where an intl organization of the vatican still has its estate. Looks like the commie terrorists-who were gifted the golden medal by the demo-puppet, current regime, took bombs and costumes there.

        Check now the poop:

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      8. Well! It seems that everything was already orquested (or predicted, if you believe on prophecies)… The corruption comes from a long time ago indeed. If I am not mistaken, the poop went out of his way to condecorate some commie bastard that became later a rightist and had relationships with the masons… Do you remember when this poop first assumed? I recall the Argie media telling us about his atheist friend (who I think he was also a faggot). A man is to be judged by the company he keeps…
        Also, the news media around here are complete cocksuckers of the pope, since day 1. Given the media (((ownership))) is no wonder why.

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