Horrible Happy Hoaxster Crisus ActWhores @ London Tower Inferno PsyOp Jewish Lightening Scam & Psychological Terror Treason!

by Cowboy

This clown just breaks out laughing trying to read the ruduculous lines in the script BBC (Big Bull$h#t Corp) gave him to read:



So many Hoax ActWhore$ in this video! You think this was a real fire in a place with 600 people inside & people died?? Are there rocks in your head?? These clowns are acting like it’s a town festival with drinking outside or happy hour! Bused in Crisis Actors, and local lowlife getting paid to lie & reas scripts!


Black female Crisis Actwhore says “Fireman were going in saving people & some were coming out injured”…well we clearly now that is a horrendous lie since no firemen in any picture or video are dirty or dusty, much less are they injured since nobody went into that burning building which obviously set a fire by jewish lightening in this PsyOp!


Yes, yes yet more Happy Hoax Crisis Actwhores in this Jew Lightening Towering Inferno PsyOp!


Frankie Boy Owns It!


London Jewish Lightening Tower Inferno Crisis Actor Claims Family Sent Him Pictures Before They Were Burnt Alive aka Holocausted!


This guy that posted on this video below figured something out! LMAO!

40 Fire Engines’? 250 Fire Men ‘?? 150 Police’Offices ‘??? 140 Paradics’??? 20 News Reporters’???? Plenty Of Crisis Actors’?????? All Same Story’s’?????? People Jumping Out Of Windows No Footage At All,,,,,,, Two Fire Hoses To Put Fire Out ‘??????

& This is also an organized staged protest!



2 thoughts on “Horrible Happy Hoaxster Crisus ActWhores @ London Tower Inferno PsyOp Jewish Lightening Scam & Psychological Terror Treason!

  1. Make sure you post the one about Zionist Terrorist & Mobster Frank Lowy Being Knighted by the Ziotrash Queen ActWhore just now in the middle of this PsyOp! They timed them together!


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