​Wonder Woman and the Jewish Question

Jim Goad – Taki’s Ma­gazine

“The Jewish Question’ is a phrase that has been around since at least the 1750s, and it is deceptive in its simplicity … Wait – aren’t they a religion rather than a race? It’s a sticky quest­ion … In his often misquoted and misre­presented passage on the “Big Lie” in Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler – I’ve heard he’s unpopul­ar – said that the “Big Lie” was that Je­ws were merely membe­rs of a religion rat­her than an ethnic tribe … It appears that there is no fix­ed answer to this pa­rticular Jewish Ques­tion because it has changed to suit the times. Back when it was advantageous in American society to be white, Jews were able to “pass.” But now that being white is considered the Worst Thing on Earth, Jews are rapidly re­discovering and embr­acing their nonwhite roots.


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