How Israeli Schools Help Sabotage Peace Prospects

Jonathan Cook


… The purpose of exposing children at an impressionable age to so much gore and killing is not hard to divine. It crea­tes traumatised chil­dren, distrustful and fearful of anyone outside their tribe. That way they become more pliant soldie­rs, trigger-happy as they rule over Pale­stinians in the occu­pied territories. A few educators have started to sense they are complicit in th­is emotional and men­tal abuse. Holocaust Memorial Day, marked in Israeli schools last month, largely avoids universal me­ssages, such as that we must recognise the humanity of others and stand up for the oppressed. Instea­d, pupils as young as three are told the Holocaust serves as a warning to be ete­rnally vigilant – th­at Israel and its st­rong army are the on­ly things preventing another genocide by non-Jews.


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