Grenfell Tower fire ‘nun’ revealed as a zio fantasist  | 

By Christinne
Comments by anon:

Update: there were many actors being interviewed by the BBC that did not even live there. One was trying to stop laughing in the live version, which was cut from the recording. 2 girls were really struggling to read their scripts too. All a fucking joke.

That building was empty. No one got hurt, no one got killed. It’s all about insurance fraud and divide and conquer scenario.

OMG Ive heard it all now,Somebody threw their baby from the nineth or tenth floor and a man caught it on the ground!!! Are you fuckin kidding me lol.This stinks to high heaven.

got up little one ago to some more fake news! the 2 girls interviewed aren’t traumatised and the young dad is so unconvincing! shit actors! Yes it really fucking stinks!


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