A chat with Mr. President of the World Jewish Congress, Mr. EDGAR BRONFMAN:

The undersigned, George Mateevici,

I was born and grew up on 28 June 1940, in Ungheni-Fair, jud. Iaşi, when the Bessarabia, Northern Bukovina and Hertza were taken by rapt by the USSR, following the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact of august 23, 1939 with the tacit consent of the Allied Powers of that time, ie England, then France and the USA. This treaty declared invalid by all countries available today on the territories mentioned above. I have exposed my hometown brief history of the place from which my parents and I personally have been stripped of all movable and immovable property, and our life was endangered by ordering Bolshevik.


Mister President, On 29 June 1940, was in Iaşi station as a refugee, I saw with my own eyes a few soldiers who brought in a blanket body of a Romanian officer, scalded with boiling water and melted tar. In the words of the soldiers revealed that death was due to a group of Hebrew in Ungheni, with buckets filled with boiling water and melted pitch, threw over officers and soldiers. Soldiers from the statements showed that those who led this action were two Hebrew, often came to our house, my brother being friends with the biggest. One was nicknamed red dog and the other a Jew and a half, their last name is Katz and Weissman. These young people have acted under Mişmar Party (Straja) which had the slogan Zionism, Socialism, love of people. Throughout Bessarabia, Northern Bukovina, and the Herta in the period 28 June to 2 July 1940, armed gangs of Hebrew passed the murder of civilians and soldiers without exception, knowing that the Romanian army was not available to fight back. In total were assassinated, disarmed, dishonored 32,000 officers, NCOs and Romanian soldiers, who then handed over to the Russian authorities that have closed. The stock made on 6 July 1940 the Romanian authorities revealed that they had been killed 4324 civilians as: priests, teachers, policemen, commissioners, fiscal agents, workers and peasants – assassinated element Jews in the territories occupied by the Soviets . However, the Hebrew armed gangs ransacked villages, towns and cities all those he knew hold valuables.


In 1941, my family saved from certain death over 2000 Hebrew Poles, who were to leave camps naziste.Tot the same year, during the Legionary Rebellion in Bucharest have kept hidden for 2 days and 2 nights families Oziac, Katz, Polak, Tannenbaum and Goldenberg. After their departure from us, an agent from the Romanian Safety told my father that if Popescu neighbor is, we all have been dead. In 1948, under a law issued by the communist, the proposal of deputies of the Grand National Assembly, headed by comrade. Sidorovici Alexandra (wife of Silviu Brucan note) was requested and approved stop all pensions, regardless of their source: IOVR, State Insurance, Budget etc.Tatăl my first few invalids of World War made a statement in calling affording them pensions, which are the only source of income. After filing the statement, the Security father was raided and arrested after a denunciation made by comrade. Katz, saved us from death. This I learned in 1962 from the families of Tannenbaum and Goldenberg, who left the same day Israel. Here’s how they dealt with the Jews after 1944 Romanians who allegedly have killed Hebrew.


In 1949, my mother was director of the Home for Orphans, Street. Berthelot no. 24 in Bucharest. During the period June 15 to September 15 and were brought Hebrew 150 children between 7 and 15 years of Soviet patronage Joint Organization. These children, whether girls or boys, were gaunt, all with their right hand got a serial number printed in the Nazi camps. After the 3 months, when they came Joint representatives, did not recognize the children, who were bringing total dehumanized. Joint delegation thanked my mother for what he did to these children, and in those days the Universe newspaper published a letter of thanks. Mister President, Compared to the way in which bore my family with all the knowledge of Hebrew nationality and how they wore and the Romanian nation, in the period 1941-1944 to Hebrew, Romanian people do not consider myself as guilty of holocaust. From the brief account given clear who first raised the sword against the Romanian people. This attitude continued uninterrupted until today. Do not you think it is time for Jews to ask forgiveness of the Romanian people for the damage you have caused the nation Romanian?


By the end of hostilities, a total of 1,700,000 Romanian citizens were murdered, deported, exiled from Soviet-occupied territories, and with the contribution of Jews from Romania and the USSR. We believe it is necessary to end all propaganda waged against the Romanian nation (I have anti-Hebrew) and believe that this situation is due to Hebrew in the country and abroad who have something to hide. We are asking that in our press Hebrew community in Romania to show the number of Hebrew killed on the territory of Romania, with name, place of birth and place of the murder. We know the victims. Jews did not I know? Why not give them publicity? Holocaust were Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, British, Hungarians, Americans, all they did – one way or another – crimes against the Hebrew nation. Why are not these nations accused, only Romania and Germany?


The accusations that bring Romania’s hiding something about her fate. What is envisaged with this country? It would be better if, instead of evil that was done to us, to help Romanian nation, as stated many lucid Hebrew. But this is not desired, because it provides the Talmud?



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