Lyons Cop ShootOut & Wife Murder PsyOp Liar Father “Paul Lapinski” Hook Nose Crypto Jew Plays The Priest of Fake Dead Lidia Juarez!

  1. Ex7) Lyons Cop ShootOut & Wife Murder PsyOp Liar Father “Paul Lapinski” Hook Nose Crypto Jew Plays The Priest of Fake Dead Lidia Juarez!

    Pray for little boys at this Catholic Church at the wretched hands of this zionist Jesuit Crypto Jew Jerkster! Notice the famous trademark hooked nose…*1213/LipinskiPaul-2010.jpg

    Is this jewish Radio Engineer also named Paul Lapinski his son? His hook will really throw you for a loop! Lmao!

    ((Again we seemed to have an all jew Crew of Crisis ActWhores in this PsyOp in Chicago area! Even the black Proven Crisis Actwhore Monet Worsham has a 100% jewish name! Did her Jewish mother PatriCIA Worsham adopt her or foster mother her to get paid & get a black sayanim???))

    He’s fatter in this picture but looks even more Jewy!,Paul.jpg

    How can all these Catholics not know this is a zionist & Talmudist jew with a jewish name running their school & Church??? ZioMedia Programmed & Brainwashed into Zombified Goyim Sheep ready for slaughter by the Kosher Butcher


13 thoughts on “Lyons Cop ShootOut & Wife Murder PsyOp Liar Father “Paul Lapinski” Hook Nose Crypto Jew Plays The Priest of Fake Dead Lidia Juarez!

  1. How are they trying to tell the world about the fire in london loads of people dead loads unencounted for it needs a full investigation come on and they are asking for donations scamming people its not real


    1. It is years since gayboy has been polluting any thread. And he does it because he knows he can. He has been banned and ridiculed on any other site where he dared to pop up. The attempt of K is late and weak. Consider also, he would need to patrol the message board continuously. Which is impossible.
      Also some of us have been banned for quite a time. Christinne couldn’t post for months. I had to recurr to different IPs and emails to post there. Also Cowboy has experienced some troubles.


      1. I guess he finally removes them sometimes when Gabriel post them in Dr K’s own name. But it is outrageous. The most ridiculous is when he replies on a thread to someone appearing as a new poster while leaving up Gabriel’s perverted fraudulent post under real posters names. It’s so outrageous that most posters seeing such fraudulent disinformation posts made their names they just abandon the site completely, which is what Gabriel freak wants!


      2. Also many of gaybob’s posts remain. While others, mine included and regardless whether its simple sketch or interesting posts, do get deleted. I will want to post something just to see how long it remains there. The board is filled with fake comments mixed up with true ones. Sometimes what appears to be real K’s comments, do stand aside fake ones. At that point I ask myself why doesn’t he close the access to the mex board to anyone, if he’s unable to take care of it? The worst is when the shill accuses someone using his nick and he doesn’t kick in to get things done. Like when an alleged K attacked you for the supposed lenght of the posts..


    1. Well atleast he finally deleted a bunch of ziotrash Gabriel fag’s disinformation & fraud post on the last 2 post hassan!


      1. It is outrageoys, Cowboy, that K has been refusing to take any measure allowing the same fag to spam crap on each & any post. And to abuse his own name!
        Have you ever seen in your life the handler of a blog who allows a shill to post crap in his name without even rectifying it?


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