“It’s Finally Admitted: ‘We’re Living in a Test Already'”


6 thoughts on “ “It’s Finally Admitted: ‘We’re Living in a Test Already'”

  1. These fuckers don’t really give a fuck about anyone… heck, they even admit it.
    And to think that Hitler was “baaaaaaaaaaaaad”… Who is worse, the guy who tried to uplift his people, or the guys that test bacteria on their unknowing, unaware populations? This is really evil, and it’s sick.

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    1. Ofcourse the ziotrash elites care about you just like the Zio Jewish Iowa Hog Feedlot -Slaughter Crooks care about their pigs before they slaughter them to feed the goyim!
      They want their goyim fat, dumb, half sick, servile & docile to be their slaves until it’s more profitable to kill them! Get old enough or sick enough from the biological weapons developed at Fort Detrick, WHO, CDC, Hopkins, etc., and then it’s time to treat you (kill you) for your desease and exact all of your wealth in doing so until you are dead!

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      1. Organ predations in ZOG operated via the fake declaration of flat encephalogram. They predate the organs of people still alive because the organ must be harvested from a still living body..!

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