Tulsa Hoax Time ZioJew Code Clues! Every Number in Order in this Scripted (Zio Jew PsyOp)->Blues Lives Matter story is Zio Talmudic coded! 33, 66, dual 33, etc

by Cowboy

Yes Every number is scripted & ordered in this hoax story by RACEWAR PsyOp BLUELIVESMATTER to give multiple ziotrash judeac/masonic Occultic numbers!

Here is the story & the breakdown below it (& Tulsa Times Songs):

Tulsa Shooting Of Joshua Barre

Tulsa, OK – The shooting of Joshua Barre, a mentally-ill man armed with two knives, prompted a near-riot in Tulsa on Friday. Video of the shooting has now been released (below.)

Before the incident, a judge signed a mental health pick-up order on May 31 for Joshua Barre. The judge believed that the 29-year-old man posed a danger to himself or others and needed to be involuntarily taken into custody so that he could be taken to a mental health treatment facility, according to NewsOn6.

Deputies in the specially-trained Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office Mental Health Unit made multiple attempts to locate Joshua Barre. The deputies first found him on June 1 when he armed himself with a hammer and barricaded himself inside of his residence.

The risk to the lives of Barre and the deputies outweighed the risk to the public, so the deputies left him in order to pick him up at a future date.

On June 5, deputies received a report from a neighbor that Barre was up at night scaring her children. Deputies responded and were unable to locate him.

On June 7, Deputies contacted Joshua Barre alone in his residence and he threatened to kill officers. Again, he was barricaded in his residence and the deputies left him.

On June 9 at around 9:48 AM, Tulsa PD received four separate calls that Joshua Barre was in the street, armed with two “butcher knives,” or “machetes.”

Deputies contacted Barre at 300 West 50th Ct N and ordered him to drop the knives. Barre threatened to kill the deputies and continued walking. The deputies followed him and continued to give him orders, which he ignored.

Finally, Joshua Barre started walking to a convenience store at 4449 North MLK Blvd. Fearing that Barre would kill people in the store, a deputy risked his life to get close enough to Taser Barre; the Taser had no effect.

Fearing for the lives of people within the store, deputies shot Barre as he opened the door to the convenience store and began to go inside. The incident was captured on surveillance video.

After the shooting, around 300 protesters gathered near the scene shouting, “Fuck the police.” Some of the people in the crowd began to throw rocks and chunks of concrete at the officers, prompting them to put on protective gear.

Working with community leaders, law enforcement was able to de-escalate the scene and people went home.


My Breakdown of the Ziotrash Talmudic Codes in this PsyOp’s Script here above:

1st – we have 31 & 29 for 60 aka 6 aka 3+3 for 33 code!

2nd- news6 for a 6 aka 33 again but also a 66 aka dual 33.

3rd- June1 following 6 for a 16 code aka 4×4 aka 44 Death & Destruction Code!

4th- June 1 is followed by a June 5 for another 33 code.

5th- June 5 is followed by June 7 for 12 aka 66 (which is itself is like a short form 666 Beast #) but also dual 33.

6th- June 1, June 5, June 7 give you 13 beloved occult #.

7th- June 7 followed by June 9 for 16 aka 44 code again!

8th- June 9 is followed by a 9 for 99 aka triple 33 & dual 33 since 99 looks like 66 upside down.

9th- 9:48 aka 9+4+8=21 aka 777 Order out of Chaos Code used in most of these Hoax (News) scripts!

10th- 48 is followed by word four & 4+4+8= 16 for 44 code again!

11th- Four is followed by 2 for a six aka 33 code!

12- Next a 300 & a 50 for 350 aka 35 aka 777 & 77…Short & long version Order Out of Chaos Code!

13- Next we have 4449 for a 44 code & 49 aka 77 code! And again 4+4+4+9 is 35 for a 777& 77 again plus 35 & 35 gives a 70 aka 7. (Zeroes don’t count.)

14- Also we have 300 again so we have another 33 code!

Blue Lives Matter & Black Lives Matter are two sides of the same ZIOTRASH Coin! ADL & DHS & ZioMedia & & Zio NGO’s & Zio Run Govt Agencies run these groups in total unified Zionist treason against the people!

Clapton Early 1978 Performance of Tulsa Time:


An Early Don Williams Tulsa Time around 1978 to 82. ZioMusicMob has for some reason pulled nearly all the earliest ones!



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