USS Liberty-Smoking Gun Recording of Israel AirCraft Controllers Orders of Sinking of NSA Liberty & No Survivors! By NSA AirForce SPY Plane! BaltoSun & ChicTrib. Read my these points by me and the excellent article!

by Cowboy
This investigated & was reported in Baltimore Sun & Chicago Tribune in 2007 by Pulitzer Prize Winning Reporter John Crewdson in 2007. Declassified Documents & transcripts of Israeli Pilots & Aircraft controllers & officers were found at Ft Holabird in Dundalk Baltimore, MD & other American bases like one in Omaha, NE proving Israel knowing order it’s pilots to fire on the ship & sink it & kill all survivors, repeatedly the ordered them to sink it, frustrated it was not sunk yet!
Also the Israeli gunboats & Airforce fighters & bombers fired on life boats & sailors & other NSA Army & Navy & civilians in the water! & These beasts napalmed the deck & torpedo the ship & keep shooting large 30 mm rounds at the ship!
Anyway atleast 7 men, (named in this article) Independently, retired NSA liguists & others admitted seeing the transcripts in 1967 when it was happening!
All were threatened & saw it as a coverup & a purposeful attack just like all the survivors & the murdered victims’ families say. Also the heads of NSA & CIA said it was clearly an intentional attack to sink the ship & kill the men.
Great Interview on the Subject!
Watch both parts!

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