V.K. Jehannum, an Archetype of Confusion

Hutchins has made his studies & thoughts available by sharing his works to those eager to deepen the subject.
I am not sure whether the time lap devoted to further a war of words with those (ONAnistic) individuals will ever justify the intimate awareness it is wasted time.

“The tragic masks of those pretending to impersonate the tradition of occultism by parading dressed-up in modernistic, carnival costumes, are there: pinned on the melted walls of Babylon”

Ipse dixit

D. M. Hutchins

This conversation between VK and I has now come to address such issues which merit a critical analysis from the general public, and at this point I would invite others to chime in and voice their insights and opinions on the following issues. Thank you for your time and attention.

VK – Darryl: “(2) I attacked Yuri M because he dresses like a woman and is a bisexual and homosexual. I would mock him as thus regardless of my age or his own. You seem not to notice the Magians attack on the Sacred Masculine, which further demonstrates that neither of you know what the Sacred Masculine or Feminine is, and that neither you nor he, are genuine Alchemist. Invent all new “pronouns” you wish, and hold if you will a mouthful of penis… but know that your are an abomination, and praising the enemy camp.”

Show me the alchemist…

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