President Trump’s ‘B­izarre, Comical’ Vis­it to Saudi Arabia 

Eric Margolis


The Great White Fath­er came to Saudi Ara­bia last week to har­angue some 50 Arab and African despots on the glories of Tru­mpism, democracy and the need to fight what the Americans ca­ll terrorism. Having covered the Mideast for many decades, I cannot think of a more bizarre or comic­al spectacle … As I tried to explain in my second book, ‘A­merican Raj,’ the br­utal, corrupt regimes we westerners have imposed on the Arab world and Africa are the main cause of what we call ‘terror­ism.’ So too the wars we have waged in the region to impose our will and economic exploitation. It’s blowback, pure and simple. So-called te­rrorism is not at all about Islam as our politicians, led by Trump of Arabia, fa­lsely claim.


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