Paul Gottfried on Fascism

Actually the age of the Fascism represented the actual counter-chant to democratic liquid liberalism, corruption of costumes and usury.
Fascism, under this aspect was everything but modernist.
On the other hand, the original clue to Futurism (a declination of the most famous contemporary Artistic thread) explains the acquaintance & vicinity to technology and the myth of the super-human.
I would link the abuse of the term ‘fascist’- compulsorily typed in small block letters- to actual MODERNISTIC semantics or, better said, linguistic manipulation.
I have briefly illustrated in some incomplete posts, how said manipulation-which nowadays involves a growing number of terms is aimed at completely reversing the original significance of the terms & to brainwash the people.
Language in fact is not a simple tool for communication but it is an instrument which proves able to shape the categories of thought and action.

The Ludwig von Mises Centre

Fascism: The Career of a Concept
Paul E. Gottfried
Northern Illinois Press, 2016
9780875804934 (cloth)
9781609091835 (e-book)

[Published in The Salisbury Review, June 2017]

I feel obliged to begin this review with an admission. I first met Paul Gottfried in May 2006, at the inaugural meeting in Bodrum of the Property and Freedom Society. We became immediate friends, and have remained friends ever since. I admire him as a conservative thinker. I find his writings and speeches of unending interest. This being so, I may reasonably be suspected of partiality in reviewing his latest book. On the other hand, friendship would require me not to review a book that I thought was below his usual standard. If I will now give a favourable review to his book, you can be sure that I believe it really is a good one.

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