“ANOTHER Terror Psy-Op in the Corporation of England – London Bridge PSYOP” 


7 thoughts on “ “ANOTHER Terror Psy-Op in the Corporation of England – London Bridge PSYOP” 

  1. Ex5) London Knife & Van Attack Crisis Actors/ Masked SWAT Cop Psychological Terrorists PhotoOp With PsyOp Director!

    The old ziotrash Director Couldn’t resist getting a photoOp Picture with these buffoons dressed in costumes to spread fear, anger & hatred amongst the hated UK goyim, and ready them to send young men to die as human cannon fodder to help Israel’s ISIS & Al Queda Saudi Turk & mercenaries to kill Innocent Syrians who Israel wants exterminated for Greater Israel the bloodthirsty Whore of Babylonian Talmud Satanic Empire to be set up upon the dead Bodies of the exterminated Syrians!


  2. ExCC) Manchester TrainStations Closed By Despicable Govt’ After Fake Bomb To Terrorize Innocent Non Crisis Actor Children So They Couldn’t Get Home!


  3. Ex4a) London Bridge Hoax (#2) Cops Caught With Pants Down Committing Treason! Busted! No Excuse!..

    They Got Caught Changing Costumes to play Victims!

    Doesn’t matter who told them to do it Metro Police, Scotland Yard, Queen of England, M-5, M-6- Mossad, CIA or Ziotrash Pig Rothschild Jacob himself! You traitor cop bastards are guilty of committing treason against the people of UK to help murder innocent people in the middle East for Satanic, bloodthirsty, murdeous Israel!


  4. Ex3) “Werewolves Of London” Bridge Hoax Theme Song Dedicated To Filthy Amerikan ZioTrash Crisis Actwhores of LBHoax #2 Warren Zevon 1978


  5. Ex2) London Bridge PsyOp #2 Van Man Attack Happy Hoax Act-Whores Justin & Stephanie American ZioJew Wolves Playing Sheep In London!

    Paid Sayanim American Ziotrash Jew Werewolves Immediately coming out of the Woodwork in London Bridge Hoax Vehicle Attack #2, 74 days after First London Bridge Vehicle Attack! This is called a “period of escalating violence” to instill fear into into the (goyim) masses in Judeac Communist theory!

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