AGENDA 21: Biotechnology at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development – Nature Biotechnology

By Countessarcadius
Agenda 21 is ‘ CREEPING IN AT THE LOWEST LEVELS OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT’ – ( where they think people AREN’T paying attention) – and people YOU BETTER BE PAYING ATTENTION ‘ start going to ‘ town meetings’ take a look at the’ AGENDA’ of your local gov, SERIOUSLY ‘ this is  OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE’ as the UNITED NATIONS’ as told by Bush Sr, in  his Sept 11, 1990 speech to the nation, where the UN governs RULE OF LAW IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER’ – go watch the video ‘ AGAIN’ 
the UNITED NATIONS is the global elite’s Trojan horse, and it’s ENTIRE’ EXISTENCE’ is to usher in GLOBALIZATION OF GOVERNMENT AND RELIGION ‘


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