Dallas Car Dealer Fugitive ShootOut Is An AntiBounty Hunter Agenda Zionist Hoax!

by Cowboy

ExA) Dallas Car Dealer Fugitive ShootOut Is An AntiBounty Hunter Agenda Zionist Hoax!

The Federal Govt & Zionist Mob Hate Bounty Hunters Ancient Common Law Powers To Apprehend Fugitive Criminals Across State Lines Safely &
Efficiently without any cost Citizens & “Taxpayers”!
For FBI or other Federal Agents to apprehend a dangerous fugitive it cost dozens men & 100’s of thousands to millions of dollars & often innocent bystanders are killed by federal agents, yet bounty hunters do it much more successfully with 1 to 3 men often & at $0 expense to citizens! Merely getting a percentage of the forfeited bail bond money paid by the fugitive or his family! Rarely do bounty hunters have to kill the fugitive and even more rare a bystander! Yet they apprehend many more times dangerous fugitve than do bumbling buffon often militarized federal agents who are exempt from personal liable for their often negligent & dangerous actions. Bounty Hunters are simply much more patient & careful & willing to come back another day when the situation is not right. Whereas cowardly feds just send in a Rookie or two when things seem too dangerous & they often get killed & all the feds get called heroes & no one ever questions anything!

And Notice the word hero is never used in any stories on this PsyOp! Media & government never call bounty hunter heroes despite their extremely dangerous job and amazingly high success rates capture & amazingly low rates of bystander bloodshed!



3 thoughts on “Dallas Car Dealer Fugitive ShootOut Is An AntiBounty Hunter Agenda Zionist Hoax!

  1. ExE) Dallas Car Dealer Fugitive Vs Bounty Hunters AntiBounty Hunter Agenda ShootOut PsyOp Fake Fugitive Shooter Photoshaped picture!

    Photoshopped/Shapped to make his head look more thick & round & more like a black man:

    Notice how in this picture his head is longer & thinner…This pic shows cleay the 1st picture as photoshaped to make his face shorter, thinker, “blacker”!

    You can bet he is Federal agent too! Or atleast Cop, or spook or military!

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