Oy Vey!  Serbian Women’s Volleyball Team Celebrates Win With Offensive Photo



8 thoughts on “Oy Vey!  Serbian Women’s Volleyball Team Celebrates Win With Offensive Photo

  1. Maybe the Ziotrash slime are pissed the Serbs have so many beautiful woman on their volleyball teams & no Zionized trannyfag men on their women teams??!!

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  2. One the other hand we have the horse-faced jewess Lady Gaga fake Italian the Satanist who wears cartoonish Charley Chan Chinese make-makeup everyday & at every concert! But she is a chosenite butt-ugly beast so I guess that makes it ok for her to Chinese-ize her eyes! LOL!

    And in Lady Gaga’s defense when you are that hideously ugly you have to do something extreme!

    But seriously Italians & Italian Americans should protest her posing as an Italian! Let her wear a Juden Ziotrash star of Moloch!

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    1. I ignore the actual sex of that horrid zio specimen. It is like sweet lips madonna, the zio terminal whore who promised free blow jobs to all Killary’ voters. They are tools of the cabal. The music composers and zio psycologists, the entire music system stands behind those crappers to further the globo agenda and corrupt the minds.


  3. Maybe they were trying just to help the other teams self-estem by making themselves uglier after all it’s just not fair how beautiful these Serbian woman are! Like a team of Maria Sharaponova’s!

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