Nation in Crisis: Om­inous Trends in Toda­y’s America

Mark Weber – Podcast­wreport/2011-04-20 

Major trends in Amer­ican social, economic and political life are symptoms of a society on the path to ruin. In his 1993 book, Out of Control, former US National Security Adviser Zb­igniew Brzezinski wa­rns of America’s mor­al and ethical decli­ne, the corrosive ro­le of American telev­ision and motion pic­tures, and much more. The Polish-born sc­holar and statesman stresses that Americ­an society today lac­ks any meaningful mo­ral-ethical foundati­on. He writes of the “supremacy of decad­ence and hedonism” in today’s America, where “self-gratifica­tion is the norm.” A society that “puts a premium on individ­ual self-satisfaction is a community thr­eatened by dissoluti­on.”


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