Mississippi Hoax Black Man Kills Family & Cop Rampage, No Tears By Family Crisis ActWhores- Cops Vs Blacks & RaceWar & AntiGun ZioAgendas PsyOp!

by Cowboy

Note this is in a quiet, peaceful town of 500 people!

Notice the Black Cop Killer is calm on the ground talking about why he shot them. Staged situation with media taping him.. Notice he has a microphone on him for his voice to be so clear when he is not yelling or anything!


The Zionist Jew Psychological Warfare Against the American people (hated goyim) continues!

ExB) Mississippi Hoax Godbolt Killer Kills 8 (44 code) PsyOp ZioAgendas: Gun Confiscation, RaceWar, Cops VsBlacks, FightOverDeathPenalty & more..

Ridiculous Grazed by bullet over kid’s eye!!! It’s a tiny scab like he was playing in the woods & a thorn cut eyelid! Bullet at 2000 to 3800 mph?? My@$$!

Crisis Actwhore Godbolt Also Claims He wanted Suicide by Cop! Everything About this is scripted & Hoax! Nothing Real! Nobody shot! No One Died!


ExC) Mississippi Shooting–Not One Family Member Crisis Actor can manage to shed a tear Over 7 dead Family Members! Fake Fake Fake!!!


Oh no my kids hamster died I better try to find a new o e that looks the same before the kids get home from school!


ExD) Mississippi Hoax Shooting In this Picture 3 out 5 Crisis Actor Family Member Are Smiling over the murdered Family Member! Happy Hoax ActWhores!

We getting paid Jerome! And Willie he gone’ collect l them life insurance policies he done took out! Then he gets to do more Crisis acting jobs out of state!


Willie Godbolt’s family is no more dead than Donald Duck Trumpowicz! Let’s make America slaves again! This time all the goyim black & white & everyone but the chosen kosher tribe through endless PsyOps Ziotrick Theatrics!

ExE) Mississippi Shooting Rampage Of Family & Cop PsyOp Picture of Fake Dead Family of Fake Victims / VicSim -Pure Ziotrash Hollywood Horse Hockey!


ExF) F is For Fraud! Mississippi 3 Homes Hit & 8 dead Rampage Is Same Recycled Script of Pike Ohio Hoax 3 Homes Hit & 8 Dead PsyOp &AntiGun,CopsVsBlacks PsyOp!


Pure ZioHollywood Jewish Supremist Racist PsyOp to To Divide & Conquer the Goyim orchestrated by ZioMedia, ZioDHS & Bought $ellOut Local & State Government Crooks for $hekels! And you get to pay for it all tax slaves/goyim!


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