Everything is hidden in plain sight 

By Frank Capablanca, on G+
Everything is hidden in plain sight the occult mystery societies have used “inversion / gas lighting” as their method of “hiding in plain sight” the madness and deceiving the masses. The churchs & all religion “a well played divide and conquer tactic” by the elite, are actually the house’s of Satan, a big part of child pedophilia rings ,blood sacrifice, energy and genetics harvesting happening across the earth as we speak. The Vatican channel’s evil off world entities in exchange for dark occult knowledge to suppress and prevent humanity from awakening to its true power, this however can’t be stopped as you all know the world is awakening.
Foster care houses in many cases are the handler’s for the pedophilia rings, charities are tax free Havens for big corporation’s to pollute and steal more cash. The Royal Windsor family Rh negative “reptilian blood line Zionists” who are also big players in child trafficking, sacrifice & blood ritual. She “Witch Elizabeth” who sits in her Castle wearing her multi million dollar crown does a speech around Christmas time each year talking about world peace and unity, what does she know about love and Unity she makes me sick literally a soulless portal.
The putrid family of inbred sick fucks own 2/3rds of the worlds land mass “Crown Land” this parasitic family is worth trillions of dollars ” mostly stolen from villagers and invaded countries over the ages” with the stroke of her pen she could eradicate poverty , homelessness and war. Instead she does absolutely nothing hordes her cash and stolen Gold & does everything in her power to eradicate “humans”. She receives 23 million pounds from the UK government or “tax payers” per year. How does this evil witch deserve to receive money?

Money for what killing princess Diana ?

Queen Elizabeth is not even the real Queen of England she is a Nazi.
Inversion , its going on everywere if you dont reject it you consent to it, if you dont stand up you are part of the problem, if you turn a blind eye you missed the boat completely and don’t worry everything you do “or don’t do” in this life time is all being recorded on your DNA “akashic records”. Miss the lessons and settle for comfortable , Hide your head in the sand , run ego programs like, I’m to busy, what can I do, I have kids or my favourite like “it’s just the way the world is” you will come back and do it all over again next life time probably will be a much harder curler experience too. Get uncomfortable face that Hall of mirrors “this is why you are here”.
Everything is a smoke screen and inversion of the true reality. They Spray the skies full of toxic chemicals “Chem Trails” , nano material, air born vaccines , Archons Tech Morgellons, RF tracking chips, the merging or humans into machines but then they invert it and pretend it’s for global warming, yet the man made climate change is a direct side effect from the Geo Engineering programs currently going on in every U.N. controlled country.
Science or “science fiction” as i prefer to call it does not even put climate engineering into the climate models, hundreds of Weather modification patents, soil , hair, urine analysis, whistle blowers, documents United nations treaties , video and pictures of nozzles and tanks spraying in progress. Yet apparently “it’s a conspiracy” yeah right !!!
But humans can’t see this because the A.I. synthetic mind programs have been running for so long and guess who created the programs ??
Its time people realise that everything is already inside us, tap into that internal medicine, question everything , speak up for the ones who don’t have a voice the world needs you..
Time to exit the matrix, see and be that love


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