AlbertRudolf: Islamic Terrorism: Our Ally For 38 Years

Dear Diary, I can’t show this letter to the innocent people of America and the world, so it’s just between you and me. Imagine the shock and the outrage if I say that we have to embrace Islamic terrorism! The average person doesn’t understand what’s at stake and how sometimes the elites need to rely on “controlled chaos” for the greater good.
Islamic terrorists are wonderful instruments for proxy wars – they cost very little but fight fearlessly. They are a global resource that can be brought into any local conflict. They are also expendable – we use them when convenient and kill them when inconvenient.
If this shocks the conscience of people, it just means they haven’t been paying keen attention.


3 thoughts on “AlbertRudolf: Islamic Terrorism: Our Ally For 38 Years

  1. Please give me this as an intial post:

    EX9) Portland Hoax Zionist ADL Puppet Jew Mayor Wheeler calls On FED’s to Stop Local Rightwight (PsyOp) “Free Speech Rallies”!

    The evil ziotrash ememy is playing all sides in these ongoing series of PsyOps!

    You know any anti-Sharia law protests is phoney ADL/DHS PsyOp garbage! Wanna’ protest for free speech for real?? Then protest zionist & Talmudic Lubuvitcher Noahide laws actually passed by Congress! Protest the zionist (Anti) Patriot act against freedom & free speech & privacy & the Bill of Rights! Protest Zionist jews owning the entire Hollywood movie making mafia! Protest the entire news & entertainment media in USA being owned by Anti American Warmongering racist supremist zionist jews! Protest against zionist jews’ Hate laws aka thought crime laws! Protest little girls being forced to have perverted old men & boys & trannyfags & Crossdressers entering their restroom, school showers & changing rooms by zionist run groups! Sharia?? Sharia?? You dumb zio Media Brainwashed fools! Dumb goyim being readied for slaughter & destruction by psychopath bloodthirsty zionist jews!

    Also is this Mayor Wheeler ziotrash Buffoon related to Sandy Hook Crook Crisis Actewhore Liar Fraudster Buffoon David Wheeler??


  2. Please give me this as an intial post:

    Ex2) Gregg Allman’s Happy Drunky Son Michael & BB King’s Happy Hoaxy Daughter Claudette Seems To Show His Death is Hoax!

    He must be a herione addict & a drunk since he looks as old as his dad & less healthy & skinny. This son Michael is really some wasted talent!

    Ex3) Gregg Allman Death A Hoax? Drunky Son Sure Seems To Say It Is! What a Waste Of Talent His Son Is!

    Michael Allman here cares more about getting drunk & high than singing & putting on a good show! His voice sounds just like his father & that is really saying something! But he could never takeover for him in the Allman brothers even as just the singer because he obviously is a drug addict & drunk who can’t perform up to an acceptable level like this!


  3. Please give me this as an intial post

    Ex11) Portland Hoax Gets Stupider As Zio Super Man Fake Stabbed Jew Micah Fletcher aka Aaron Meche Heals in 2 Days from 2ft long massive knife Attack Wound!

    Massive stab Attacked Friday & by Monday this idiotic fraudster ConMan Aaron Meche aka Micah Fletcher Crisis Actwhore is healed enough to go home from the Hospital! What a ridiculous impossible fraud!

    This is only part of the massive well done fake wound:


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