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    1. So, you have awake people in your neighborhood. The demokratic system has been imposed via thw fake french revolution & has been engineered as a tool of oppression and political/social perversion. Also I am against the rule of number over the quality. Moreover, the masses have always been manipulated. Today they can count on a unprecwdented arsenal of invasive tools to do so.

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      1. Or at least, they are awake against the shitty politicians we have. Since I have a conscience, I’ve always hated the corrupt fat cats that we have for politicians… But the realization of that the democratic system is a farce didn’t dawn to me until I reached 20 or 21… I’m 24, go figure. I remember reading a comment that stated that since the return of democracy here in Argentina, we have come worse and worse. We devolved, in a way. And after pounding on that comment for some days, I realized that whoever posted it, was right. That was like an epiphany, I remember.


      2. I have been critical & caustic about this democracy since ever. At high school I have been pointed out as a Fascist. You see demokracy has been imposed as an untouchable mantra in all zio occupied countries. The same form of control declines in two major parties aka liberals & conservatives. Heinous faces of the same medal.

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