Hoax Sequel to brainwash & diseducate:Brokeback fake cop actwhore buttboy gets hitched after faked death:   



16 thoughts on “ Hoax Sequel to brainwash & diseducate:Brokeback fake cop actwhore buttboy gets hitched after faked death:   

  1. How it can be possible? That act is NULL and VOID. After you die, you cease to exist as a physical person… with all the consequences that brings. Once they expend your death certificate, you are dead for the State. Thus, you can’t contract marriage, since is an act regulated by the State… More so for faggots. Unless it’s symbolic… and for that, check the last post on my blog… or not, it depends if you have a strong stomach or not.


      1. Nope, it’s too fake. It’s propagandistic…. lookie there, you have Hollande going to the ceremony!! Since when an ex-prez goes to a ceremony of faggots marrying…? Exactly, since they wanted to push that shit. But what I meant is that, even if one is to believe that crap, that marriage is null and void… They are lying so much and relying on ignorance so much, that even a boob can spot those lies… if he happens to have a cursory knowledge of law, like I do.


      2. You are right. It is what we can call PR stunt. Mere maketing & communication techiques of modernistic filth.
        In general Hoaxes aim at several goals in a row. There is the primary, the secondary goal and even the alternative one. The latter happens when the get busted MEANWHILE performing their scam. Thus, shooting hoaxes have rapidly turned into drills.

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      3. You know… my mother used to watch The Twilight Zone… And, like a year ago, she found out some full episodes (in Spanish)… There was an episode on which they tested kids’ IQ… The shocker? They killed those who were TOO smart. Not dumb. Smart. It’s like a warning… or a prophecy of their plans… Or a confession.


      4. That’s typical. Not only the selection of the dumb, but the kabbalistic way these psychotic dwarves let you know, in their twisted way some parts of their agenda.

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      5. As a programming tool, and as a way of letting us know, as a kind of some sick confession… I remember my mother gasping shocked… “Why they would kill smart children?!” Heck, it’s obvious once you realize their agenda. I think I told her something like this: “because smart children are too dangerous, they don’t fall that easy to their lies. They could be a threat and be too hard to control.”.

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      6. The entire (dis) education system of schooling ans university is based on deceit. In Germany after WWII teachers & professors were picked up among globalists to shape the mind of the pussified new generation of slaves.

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      7. De-Nazification at work. Yes, too dangerous to have Germans conscious of their race, culture and nation. They don’t take any crap from jews.


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