All Aboard AMTRAK (Ozzy) Crazy Train Killing! Fed Agent Crisis Actwhore ZioJew Edward Klein, 79 Kills Train Conductor! Hoax 88,33,44, 88 77 Coded Hoax!

by Cowboy

Old Retired Sayanim Jew Federal Agent Ed Klein playing his last role as a Crisis Actwhore getting Paid $$$! Serving the zionist Gun Confiscation Agenda of Treason against the hated goyim American people! Then it’s Palm Beach!

Ozzy & Randy Roads & Black Sabbath do the official theme song of this ziotrash Jew, zioHollywood orchested Crazy Train murder hoax:…

Rot in hell you treasonous old bastard fraudster!…

The hoax, staged shooting happened at 4:45 pm to get 44 & 5 aka 49 aka 77 Order out of Chaos hoax code! lol Then the story at the end says 77 million people travel on AMTRAK to reiterate it!

Also the old zios name is 88 coded..etc He hoax kills a conductor who is 45 for a 4&5 is 9 aka 33

Mamma’s not falling for this killing!

Just can’t kill the old battle Ax even on a train!


16 thoughts on “All Aboard AMTRAK (Ozzy) Crazy Train Killing! Fed Agent Crisis Actwhore ZioJew Edward Klein, 79 Kills Train Conductor! Hoax 88,33,44, 88 77 Coded Hoax!

  1. Ex23) Times Square Car Attack Boogeyman! I’m gonna’ scare you the best I can goyim! I’m you’re Boogeyman!

    I’m you’re Boogeyman!


  2. Ex10) Times Square Car Attacker Boogeyman Ridiculous Crisis Actwhore Richard Rojas & Other Jerky Jewy Crisis Actwhores!

    Notice this Crisis Actor Rojas & the clown behind him with the same scripted expression on… Obviously the director was telling them/him to put on a serious, mean, boogeyman look! Likely the director put on the expression on his own face & both actors followed it!

    Watch these ridiculous Crisis Actwhores & their ridiculous names like this maniacal liar Alpha Balde!! & Annette the zio-swine Pearl!


  3. Ex7) Times Square Car Attacker Boogeyman Hoax Injured Script ZioMagically goes from 10 to 22 & 1 dead..For 33° Code!

    Ziotrash & their freemason puppets always have to code the Scripts of the Hoaxes, PsyOps & even Real msssacres they perpetrate against the hated goyim!


  4. Ex 8) Crazy Train Hoax Shooting Conductor Fake Victim ZioJew Michael Case Crisis Actor Has Brand New GoFundMe with $50 K Goal!

    When I first found this Gofundme account @ around 11:30pm EST Friday it was at about $370… Now at 1:10am Saturday EST Am it is up to over $1380! So it is only around 7hrs old!

    Be the next sucker to send this fraudster money!


  5. Ex4c) Crazy Train Fake Dead Conductor (Mike Klein) Mike Case’s twin Brother in Germany without his monkeys Customs wouldn’t let them on the plane!


  6. Ex5) Amtrak Shooting Hoax All Zio Jew Crew Cast: Conductor Michael Case, wife Sara Case & Shooter Ed Klein, 79, Taylor Ostrander, DHS sayanim Crisis Actors!

    Commenting treason thru PsyOps for the Zionist jew/ Israeli Agenda to DisArm the hated American Goyim!


  7. Ex4b) Crazy Train Shooting Hoax’s Fake Shot Conductor “Michael Case” ‘s job as a monkey Organ Grinder Conductor!


  8. Ex4) Amtrak Crazy Train Hoax Shooting Victim Conductor Michael Case Comedy Crisis Actwhore with Monkeys!

    This Crisis Actwhore is a monkey Grinder music minstrel clown conductor not a train conductor!


  9. Ex3) Crazy Train Hoax Murder Johnny Cash Explains why old ziotrash jew Ed Klein killed the train Conductor the other day:

    “Just To watch him die!


  10. Ex2) Amtrak Crazy Train Murder Hoax Killer ZioJew Crisis Actwhore Ed Klein: “The Anger Built Up & I just blew him Away!” with my 38!


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