zio-Gérard Collomb is France’s new Minister of the Interior, in charge of teRRorism…..

Gérard Collomb is France’s new Minister of the Interior, in charge of teRRorism…..

Collomb is a member of the Grand Orient of France, which has been linked to a conspiratorial group which started World War One.




2 thoughts on “zio-Gérard Collomb is France’s new Minister of the Interior, in charge of teRRorism…..

  1. Breaking New Hoax!!! Please give me this as a new intial post whenever you see this!

    Richardson (Dallas TX Area) Road Rage Shooting Hoax ZioMasonic 777, 33, 666 & 66 Coded & Fake Bullet Holes! Busted!

    In the ZioNBC News Coded DHS Hoax PsyOp Story:

    “A man killed in…road rage shooting in Richardson Thursday morning has been identified as 27-year-old Robert Klikus….shooting took place on southbound U.S. 75… So we have a 2 & a 7& a 7& a 5…aka 7,7 & 2 +5 is another 7 for a 777.

    Also 27 is like 999 aka 666 upside down.

    Arapaho & going East on West Arapaho is mentioned representing doing things backwards & duality Going East on West Arapaho…

    Arapaho in jewish gematria 210 aka 21 aka 777
    Arapaho in English Gematria Equals: 360 aka 36 aka 66 aka dual 666 & 666
    Arapaho in Simple Gematria Equals: 60 aka 6 aka 33


    This picture shows the staged fakery Supposed a man was killed with these supposed shoots to the driver side window…Problem is the created holes (damage) do not even go thru the window! These were created either with two strikes by a pointed hammer or other steel tool or a pellet gun & then maybe smaller licks to cause more cracking! But there are no holes going through the glass! No bullets entered this window & no one was killed! These is just another zioHollywood scripted Road Rage Gun Confiscation Agenda PsyOp by DHS & Local corrupt/$ellout police & govt’ & Zio owned treasonous media!

    Also fake dead VicSim Crisis ActWhore Robert Klilkus is 966 in English gematria like 33 & 66 or 666 or 3 sets of 33 etc…


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