Video: Identitarian Generation’s Vessel blocks NGO ship smuggling aliens in Europe


4 thoughts on “Video: Identitarian Generation’s Vessel blocks NGO ship smuggling aliens in Europe

  1. I personally see a single possibility for us to get rid of our very next modernistic doomsday. Unifying western peoples by tightening the bounds among politischer Soldaten, militiamen who are able to understand we have one foot already leaning on the grave. And prove able to resist and fight for their Ehre. A simple yet hardly achievable goal.


  2. Earlier this week I replied to a certain defeatist (Odalist) on how just because one may disagree with political activism does not warrant speaking down on said persons. This is precisely exactly why I support action regardless of associated movement. I didn’t even get a reply, this is what I refer to as agents of internal sabotage whether they are aware of it or not they are part of the problem if they cannot grasp the bigger picture.

    This is a win however small it may be.


    1. Indeed. I despise any modern political affiliation, because it is a way to recognize the system’s power and its illegitimate demokracy. Nonetheless in the huge lie where we are forced to survive ( as you indicated in your message about the 911 fraud) there are good people who seek the truth and are eager to fight personally for it. That’s the reason why I happen to repost threads and thoughts of those who have embraced a different social-political philosophy & ideals. The situation is so desperate today, we do not have time to spend on futile bickering. We will have better days to devote to the realization of our own political concept.

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      1. Of course affiliation invites attention oftentimes the worst kind i.e. the federal/Jewish sort. It is smart to not affiliate with any of overt movement for the sake of autonomy for what may seem good one day may turn into something else overnight. However regardless I associate with no group but rather individuals who devote themselves to actionable cause, whoever is gaining the most momentum rather than those who choose defeatism under the pretense that some magical doomsday will fix things. Sure, we all have our opinions oftentimes less than complimentary in lieu with one another but sometimes certain individuals need to be put in their place, our most pivotal time does not permit fence sitters.

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