Truth about Book Burning

This is a good point and a “Mass Deception”, as when talking “Book Burning” it is more (today) attributed to Nazi Germany.  Never mind the Christian burning of the library of Alexandria, which was more devastating to the future of the World than anything else you could think of, it is instead PUSHED by your Zionist Owned Mainstream Media that the biggest crime on Book Burning happened instead with Nazi Germany.
They are the “Gods of Omission”.  As they love to show emaciated bodies and dead Typhus Victims, and only whisper “Gas Chambers”… they will not even admit or allude to, what books Nazi Germany actually burned.
The Meme says it all.
This picture is the burning of the library called “The Institut für Sexualwissenschaft”. It was an early sexology research institute in Germany from 1919 to 1933. The name is variously translated as Institute of Sex Research, Institute of Sexology, Institute for Sexology or Institute for the Science of Sexuality. The Nazi book burnings in Berlin included the archives of the Institute.
The Jew, Magnus Hirschfeld, had written an entire library promoting Pedophilia, Bestiality, Transvestism and self-mutilation. He was the first surgeon to perform “sex changes” and promoted all types of sexual deviancy throughout Germany and Europe with the intention of destroying the home life and morals of the German people… NAZIS  BURNING THIS Zionist FILTH!  
Agree or not, it sure puts another slant on it, and possibly we can go back to Alexandria as the worst crime of book burning.  By who?  The Christians or maybe even more specifically the “Catholic Church” as they did not want anyone researching their frauds.  The REAL crime against Humanity.


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