James Brown Meets Roy Rogers In The Belfast Cowboy’s “Western Plain”… Funky Guitar Cowboy Song!

by Cowboy

“The Belfast Cowboy” is Alias Van Morrison!


32 thoughts on “James Brown Meets Roy Rogers In The Belfast Cowboy’s “Western Plain”… Funky Guitar Cowboy Song!

  1. Johnny Cash & Statler Brothers & his Wife June
    doing a Statler Bros song “Daddy Sang Bass” Combo song with gospel song “Circle be Unbroken”


  2. Roy Rogers & The Sons of The Pioneers 1948 Pecos Bill Song & Cartoon Movie

    This features some of his amazing yoodelling!


  3. Van’s Cleaning Windows Blue Collar Worker Tribute Song about when he was a teen cleaning windows for a living & listening to R&B & playing Saxophone in “down joint” on the weekend in Belfast playing R&B & show band & jazz tunes. He’s got two gal soul singers here & two horns counting the Sax, & guitar bass & drums.
    This some was a favorite of a friend of mine until he died. It reminded him & other painters at the bar of painting windows & drinking & working a day to day blue collar job. It got played on the juke box multiple times every day!


  4. The Byrds do great version of the song It’s All Over Now Baby Blue too..
    at around the same time but it’s nothing like Van’s Version it’s sung in harmony & dated sounding in comparison…but still a great song..


  5. I think this song & the way Van sang & arranged it had more infuence over Mick Jaggers style he developed than any other song. It’s wrote by Bob Dylan but only mediocre by him with him limited singing & arranging abilities. (Au’ Contrare to all the BS about Dylan’s abilities, lol)

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  6. Them & Van getting down on his harmonica & Singing his R&B & ROCK & Roll (giving Mick Jagger & Jim Morrison someone to imitate) with Mystic Eyes & Gloria!


  7. Wild Nights!
    Van Morrison with his Big Band The Caledonia Orchestra of the Early 70’s! Great Band with Sax, Soul Singers, Cellos, flutes, horns & Rock instruments, etc..


  8. Glen Campbell one of several white top guitarist & singers like Johnny Rivers still denied by the Ziotrash jew mob run Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

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  9. Guitar Kings Glen Campbell & Roy Clark both amazing speed demon freaks & technical geniuses at guitar! ..Doing an instrumental Ghost Riders In The Sky

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  10. The Jimi Hendrix Experience playing Voodoo Child in 1969 live.

    An incredible live performance of Voodoo Child (Slight Return) by Jimmy and his band in Stockholm 1969.


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