holocaust: let’s have open debate


One thought on “holocaust: let’s have open debate

  1. Holocaust Deniers Vs Holohoax JewLiars!

    The Ziotrash know they can’t debate any of their holohoax lies! How can they explain 6- 3 = 6???

    The Holohoax jewliars already had to admit atleast 3 million of 4 million jews hoax killed in Auschwitz with bug spray was mathematically impossible so that takes 3 million off the six million total!!! Yet in holocaustianity false religion enforced on the hated goyim by the zionist jewish supremists the number must forever remain 6 million Self chosen, self Sainted holocausted jews to the Moloch Holocaust/burnt offering god!
    And how does one explained jews were the only group in Europe War II Areas which increased it’s population from 16.3 to 16.8 million or so! ..Amazingly while having 6 million holocausted during that period! LMAO! Martin Lurther & Texe Marrs are right these are the greatest & most ridiculous Liars of all time!

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