Race 1st -Black Leader Tony Martin -Even Wiser Than I Thought! Tony discovered what Marcus Garvey Knew: Enemy of Blacks Was Integration & Zionist Jews!

by Cowboy

Ok this is a amazing speech! And this black/Negro Leader of the Early 20th Century Marcus Garvey was truly a great & wise & industrious black man who knew that the interest of his own race must be put first, and done by it’s own black people especially with it’s underachieving & problems, etc., for it to succeed and improve their conditions & lives & he knew jews pushed Integration (Just like mass immigration) & it was not the solution but the opposite & just a way of giving blacks a screwed-up wrong solution also designed by the jewish supremist against the whites & America & the world to destroy all races & cultures & keep them down beneath the self chosen psychopaths! & Serving them ever increasing taxes as serfs & slaves by treachery thru debt, regulations, zio jewish media & Hollywood & literature pushed vices, perverted sex obsessions, licquer & drugs, sex trade all run by secret Govt Ops & jewish monopolies!


There is one point I strongly disagree with Tony in this speech concering Nat Turner. But other than that this is a great speech that every black should hear & others to understand the problems, the solutions, the common parasite enemy of mankind holding all nations & races & people down below their potentials for decency, freedom, peace, general welfare, ability to engage in free enterprise, farming, manufacturing, etc., & trade for the benefit if their own people & mutual benefit of others!
When you listen to the speech & listen to the guy afterward you see that guy has not the courage to mention the jews & their zionism racist tyranny that Tony just spoke of so fantastically! Instead he just sticks to the tired hate whitey, it’s whitey & not zioJewy! He doesn’t want to get Marcus Garvey-ed aka Murdered by the Ziotrash Jew like Garvey, King*, Martin ir Malcom X!

He knew you must build power economies primarily within your own cultures & race & countries if possible. So the zionist & Talmudic jews & banksters have always made sure that all black countries remain in poverty & war & debt so that blacks abroad who do suceed will never want to go to Africa & try to make the African nation economies & lives & political systems better because thet will see them as hopeless. And likewise millions of black Africans will want to immigrate to Europe seeing their lives in Africa hopeless! This exactly according to plans by organized jewry-the zionists & Int’ Nat’ Banksters!


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