Sinister Tarot Optical Illusion Tile Background

D. M. Hutchins

How to use this?

The Sinister Tarot produced by Richard Moult, Christos Beest, is perhaps the most notable and recognizable element of Order of Nine Angles culture to date. You can see the Sinister Tarot depicted on nearly all ONA materials, and several, like myself, have added their own artistic flare to the overall evolution of the Tarot. This would be my personal contribution to Moult’s Tarot which, in all honesty, I created unintentionally, or subconsciously, while metabolizing entheogens. Curious to see how the small image would appear if tiled, suddenly Shugara (18 – Moon) leaped out at me, and then the entire screen became transdimensional. I’m not certain how to explain how to cause the effect, you just have to slightly blur your vision, and slowly move your face either towards, or away from, the screen, and it will become transdimensional. Above is the basic tile/photo that I created…

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