Oy Vey !



One thought on “Oy Vey !

  1. Please give me this as an intial post, I am first one to discover these 2 & their real identities-names as far as I can tell. Next I have ones are bigger ones!
    Boston Bombing PsyOp Terrorists- Crisis Actwhores Busted Today! Nick & Lee Anne Yanni Are Israeli High Level ADL Israeli Jews Jason & Suzanne (Epstein) Hubschman
    I am busting this whole Treasonous Zionist Jew Family Today! They are all high level to near top level ADL traitors zionist traitors & Mossad & Crisis Actors used in Boston. Some un-named & some fake named like this two POS Ziotrash Scum enemy agents against Americans! Suzanne Epstein is either niece or daughter of Esta Epstein & Bob of ADL & ALSO a Boston Hoax Actwhores!
    These are fake Italian Boston victim characters Lee Ann Yanni & Nick Yanni played by jews Suzanne Epstein Huschman & Jason Hubschman:
    Here they are on Facebook under” real names” as Jason Hubschman & Suzanne Epstein Hubschman:
    Here they are as Nick Yanni & Lee Anne Sauer Yanni:


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