Patriots Day Boston Marathon Bombing April 15 ’13 ( Zionist PsyOp Attack On Americans On Israel Independence Day!)

by Cowboy

The Zionists Jews & Israel in media & in & out of Government perpetrated a Psychological Warfare Terrorism Attack Against the American People on Patriots Day in Boston & which was simultaneously Independence Day in Israel as an attack on American Independence on & a 66th celebration of Israel Independence Day when well armed “Israeli” Zionist Jews first ritually Mass Murdered & raped hundreds of thousands of defenseless Palestinians in a satanic bloody celebration on May 15th 1948! This marked 66 years of Celebration of the genocide & Extermination of the Palestinian people! This Boston Operation was to show Israel’s & the zionists & jews’ supremacy over America & Americans & the hated goyim! And as a taste of real massacres & subjagation of Americans to come!

Zionist Jew Israel Puppet Trumpowicz Traitor Openly Flaunting Israeli Jewish Supremacy Over Americans!…

Maps Prove The Evil Genocide & Extermination of Palestine & the Palestinian People by Israel & The Zionist Jews for over 66 years!…


12 thoughts on “Patriots Day Boston Marathon Bombing April 15 ’13 ( Zionist PsyOp Attack On Americans On Israel Independence Day!)

  1. Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax
    Despicable ZioDHS Crisis ActWhores
    Steven & Aubrey Reny Stole over $251,000 On 1 Fundraiser Alone in Theft by Deception & Treason!

    & $7 Million in another fund!

    Lying Scum & their lying Daughter too! ZioTrash puppets for pay! Crisis ActWhores!!!$$$


  2. Boston, Sandy Hook, Watertown New Mexico Fake Church Attack ReCyled DHS/MOSSAD Spook Crisis ActWhore Adrian’s Victoria Munoz

    This ZioTrash Jew broad has been in countless Zionist Treason PsyOps perpetrated against the American Goyim & other people! Who knows how many assassinations & real bombing she’s been a part of too for the Zionists!

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  3. Ex19) Trenton NJ Treason Hoax Shooting Standoff Laughing Happy Crisis Actwhore Buffoon Cops!

    Nothing Real about this event, just like the Boston Bombingexcept, the real treason & Fakery!

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