New probable hoax in full swing: The Latest: Officials ID gunman, 2 victims in Ohio shooting – The Washington Post

By Christinne


15 thoughts on “New probable hoax in full swing: The Latest: Officials ID gunman, 2 victims in Ohio shooting – The Washington Post

  1. Ex24) Kirkersville Hoax–Same Video Watch Crisis Actwhore Cop starts marching forward on cue according to script..@ 3 to 5 sec mark reveals 45 & 78 on cop car tag..

    4+5+7+8= 24 aka 888 & also dual 66’s or dual pairs of 33’s

    Also 45+78= 123 aka 1+2+3 aka 6 aka 6 is 3+3 for a 33 code


  2. Ex23) Kirkersville Zio Jew Circle Jerkers Hoax- In This Video See 2nd ActWhore Cop @ 27to28 sec mark With 77 on his Helmet! And it is 100% a white Actwhore where other one is black!

    So most of their helmets are unmarked, un-numbered except the ZioMagic 77 helmets! And what kind of idiot would have two cops at same event with same numbered helmet??? Only the Talmudic Occultic Ziotrash A-holes & their freemasons! Totally scripted!


  3. Ex21) Kirkersville Hoax Shooting Zio Circle Jerkers Hoax Huggers/ Crisis ActWhores & Cop Crown Vic Tag 33 Coded?

    Only a 45 Over Ohio State Shape can be scene on the tag.. 4& 5 is 9.. & 9 is like 3×3 for a 33° Mason Code!

    Also her shirt is some kind of Public Safety Propaganda giving shirt!


  4. Ex20) Licking ($h#t) County Sheriff Hoax SpokesLiar in Another Scripted Publicity Press Conference with his zio handler /Active Shooter Drill Evaluator Khazar Woody Allen Look-a-Like! What this dingbat old ziojew fed hoaxer Sheriff his lines for the ZioMedia Pressitutes!

    How many Kirkersville zio Circle jerkers press conferences will publicity seeking paid off $$ zioPuppet Lying Sheriff hold??? What a treasonous bastard $ellOut!
    He needs tar & feathering too!


  5. Ex18) Kirkersville Ziotrash Circle Jerkers Hoax Tribute to Brand New Hoax Dead Crisis Actwhore ZioJew Fraudster Fake Police Chief Eric Dicario alias busted by me as Joshua Jason Soland of Reynoldsburg, Ohio!

    Did I mention that the Sheriff in the Previous video I posted claims he never met this clown New Police Chief (Fraudster!) How do you not meet a new police chief in you little county when you are the Sheriff???!!! Huh?? Their scripted lues are so outrageous & stupid!


  6. Ex17) Kirkersville ZioJerkers Hoax! Watch this Buffoon Crisis Actwhore SWAT COP as dumb as ActWhore David Wheeler playing A Sandy Hook Cop! Watch him at 35 seconds as he plays with his Automatic rifle haphazardly aiming at his fellow fake cop clown! What bunch of jerks!

    Sandy Hook ZioJew Mossadomite Buffoon Treason Actwhore David Wheeler! The ziotrash idiot Hollywood reject Israeli agent who held his rifle by the Ammo clip!

    Both these clown need tarred & feathered! Especially Wheeler! Then give him 30 yrs in an Alabama Chain gang then send him to Israel if it still exists!


  7. Ex15) Kirkersville Zio Jerkers Hoax Watch this idiotic Buffoon do crazy face contortions to stop from laughing behind the Licking County Sheriff Hoax SpokesLiar!

    The Sheriff lies & lies as the Hoax Script changes!

    The buffon behind the lying Sheriff looks like he just escaped the Psych Ward in Columbus! It would have been funny if he attempted to strangle the Sheriff in the middle of doing his scripted lines! Now that would have been a funny hoax within a hoax!


  8. Ex14) Kirkersville Gun Confiscation Ziotrash Hoax! As Always Crypto Zio Jew Gov. Kasich Gun Grabber RINO immediately joins the Hoax!

    Watch video & notice ridiculous title!

    Why a massive response to a tiny Crime free lilly white town?? Even the few blacks in a quiet little town like this aren’t committing crimes or they’d stick out like a sore thumb!


  9. Ex11) Kirksville Ohio ZioJerks Hoax Shooting Keytone ZioClown Cops Brigade Doing Script Rifle Pointing!

    These buffoons are really putting on a massive Comedy show in this tiny mostly crime free Ohio town of only 500 people…except for treason pulling this hoax for $$$ from ISRAELI jew Run DHS!


  10. Ex13) Kirkersville Ohio Jerks Hoax This little faggy Ziotrash Jew Jason Soland is the Crisis Actwhore playing the Police Chief Eric Dicario!

    And only hired him April 13 & he’s been on the hoax job only 3 weeks! No experience as a police chief or assistant at all! lmao!

    Here the sayanim is as New Dead Police Chief Eric Dicario! LMAO! ILooked up these filthy ziotrash scum!

    Again the little ziojew as Police Chief Steven Eric Dicario aka Joshua Jason Soland of Reynoldsburg Ohio were most of this ziojew crew mossad cell is from in this hoax!

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  11. It’s a Billion % Hoax Chritinne! I researched it for hours lat night!

    Ex10) This Story at Ziotrash DHS Hoax Pushing site “Law Enforcement Today” admits DHS Responded to the fake shooting in Kirkersville!! How did get there instantly & why would anyone ever call them??

    Because it is a PsyOp Hoax! & They, DHS, are the traitorous Ziotrash jew-run outfit staging it!

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