Judeo-Centrism: Myths and Mania

James Petras


… The rise of Jude­o-centrism, as an ec­onomic and political force, occurred in the last half of the 20th century. The Jewish-Zionist seizur­e, occupation and et­hnic cleansing of hi­storic Palestine and their rising econom­ic and political inf­luence within the Un­ited States has crea­ted a formidable pow­er bloc with signifi­cant implications for world peace … As mentioned above, Je­ws represent a subst­antial minority among the top multi-bill­ionaires, but they are still a minority. Below the top level of wealth are the single digit billiona­ires and triple and double digit multi-m­illionaires; here the proportion of ‘Jew­s’ increases. These ‘less-than-super-bil­lionaires’ are among the most active and the biggest financi­al and political sup­porters of the ethno­centric ideology and tribal cohesion.


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