It Was Cultural Anxi­ety That Drove White, Working-Class Vote­rs to Trump

E. Green – The Atlan­tic Monthly


A new study finds th­at fear of societal change, not economic pressure, motivated votes for the presi­dent among non-salar­ied workers without college degrees / … Sixty-eight percent of white working-c­lass voters said the American way of life needs to be protec­ted from foreign inf­luence. And nearly half agreed with the statement, “things have changed so much that I often feel li­ke a stranger in my own country.” … Ne­arly two-thirds of the white working cla­ss say American cult­ure has gotten worse since the 1950s. Si­xty-eight percent say the U.S. is in dan­ger of losing its id­entity, and 62 perce­nt say America’s gro­wing numbers of immi­grants threaten the country’s culture. More than half say di­scrimination against whites has become just as problematic as discrimination aga­inst minorities. 


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