The Dishonesty and Double-talk of WyrdSister (Part Two)

D. M. Hutchins


This ongoing dialog with WyrdSister is so outrageously absurd and transparent that I refuse to allow it to be buried under a cascade of comments. This method also prevents the individuals in question from deleting comments later, or editing them. I’ll be bringing this stupidity to public attention with new post until such time as they relent. If anyone questions my passion in such regard, simply ask Chloe. This particular exchange is more revealing than the first in terms of WyrdSisters bogus assertions, and utter refusal to own the responsibility of verifying them. Its just layers upon layers of unsubstantiated nonsense being refuted by myself and Anna. I would very much enjoy other members of the ONA collective offering their insights and opinions. Comment and let everyone know if WyrdSisters comments represent your personal take on the Order of Nine Angles, or your personal Alchemical development.

The Dialog


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