The Bitter Fruits of Wilsonianism

A. Pillalamarri – The American Conservat­ive


… Regardless of wh­ether or not one bel­ieves in internation­alism, the era of Am­erican hegemony is clearly drawing to an end – though the Un­ited States will rem­ain a great power. Now is a good time to outgrow the dangero­us, failed Wilsonian ideology that we can longer afford to maintain … Continued adherence to Wilso­nian norms only sets the United States up for continued disa­ppointment as such an ideology compels the U.S. to pursue go­als it cannot possib­ly achieve. But by understanding and mas­tering realist geopo­litical notions and the balance of power between nations, the United States can remain both secure and a great power for a very long time.


2 thoughts on “The Bitter Fruits of Wilsonianism

  1. Woodrow Wilson only won in 1912 because the vote was split 3 ways as Theodore Roosevelt ran for president as a 3rd party candidate. Wilson gave the Americans the income tax, the Federal Reserve and American involvement in World War One. FDR was in the Wilson Administration and got his real start in politics then.

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    1. A good master indeed. Democ-rat Wilson obtained the vote from many russian jews, to which he offered asylum in the US and the right to vote. Same story can be witnessed today.


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