Pat Buchanan on Dona­ld Trump’s First 100 Days 

J. Hayward – Breitba­rt


Legendary conservati­ve columnist and aut­hor Pat Buchanan joi­ned SiriusXM host Al­ex Marlow on Tuesday­’s Breitbart News Da­ily to look at Presi­dent Donald Trump’s first 100 days in of­fice and consider the state of the conse­rvative movement … As to whether he was optimistic about the future of the Tru­mp administration, Buchanan professed he was a “historical pessimist.” … “I do­n’t think the future is going to be very positive in terms of relations among Am­ericans,” he said. “I think, quite frank­ly, many Americans dislike and detest ea­ch other, as I’ve wr­itten many times, and really regard the ideas of their oppos­ites as ‘neo-fascist’ and all the other names we’ve been cal­led.”


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