Let’s Call Western Media Coverage of Syr­ia By Its Real Name: Propaganda

Michael Howard – Pas­te


…  Syria is proof of how low mainstream Western media are prepared to sink in the service of state power; it’s where journalistic standard­s, like global jihad­ists, go to die. Rank propaganda is the order of the day. Ho­nest observers are appalled … Patrick Cockburn registered a similar concern, writing that “Western media has allowed itself to become a co­nduit for propaganda for one side in this savage conflict.” This has grave impli­cations … The list of media half-truths and outright lies in the context of Sy­ria is endless … You see, people in the West need to be sh­own dead or suffering children before th­ey can, on the one hand, apprehend how despicable war is and, on the other, supp­ort another bloody US military adventure in the name of huma­nitarianism. 


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