Free Corps Denmark


Danish Free Corps members make an oath in 1941

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Free Corps Denmark (Danish: Frikorps Danmark) was a Danish volunteer free corps created by the The National Socialist Workers’ Party of Denmark (DNSAP) in cooperation with Germany, to fight the Soviet Union during the Second World War. On June 29, 1941, days after the German invasion of the Soviet Union, the DNSAP’s newspaper Fædrelandet proclaimed the creation of the corps. Its formation was subsequently sanctioned by the democratically elected Danish government which authorized officers of the Danish Army to join the unit. The corps was disbanded in 1943. During the course of the war, approximately 6000 (about 8000 according to Oluf Krabbe 1903-1999) Danes joined the corps, including 77 officers of the Royal Danish Army.

Billedresultat for frikorps danmark grav

Denmark had signed a treaty of nonaggression with Nazi Germany in 1939. Germany invoked this treaty on April 9, 1940, when…

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4 thoughts on “Free Corps Denmark

  1. All of Scandenavia was a cowardly disgrace since in two long wars Finland was forced to fight alone against the Zionist Commie Jew Led Soviet Union & Finland alone defeated the Soviet Union throughout both Wars all alone with only some ammo & artillery from Germany but no one else’s troops helped Finland wven though Netherlands, Sweden Denmark & Norway were free from occupation & death because of Finland’s unparalelled courage & bravery & death of it’s male population!
    Then after WWII the despicable cowardly Dutch, Danes, Noweigens & Swedes betrayed Findland even more disgracefully more & with military threats from USA & UK demanded Finland give up portions of their land & part of their popluation to the evil Ziotrash Jew run Soviet Union!
    The Finns were the most courageous & Best fighters of all people in WWII! And history is bunk as Henry Ford said since no one mentions this!


    1. Let’s make a distinction bet. govts and peoples. Danes, Belgians, French etc were great fighters in WWII. In fact they have been murdered or persecuted at the end of it.


      1. Yes absolutely! lt was thinking that after I posted it! Monarchies & so-called Democracies & even Republics (Govt’s) have become slaves to the Money Powers /Banksters & ziotrash! Certainly it was good these Scandenavians did not help the ZioTrash & Soviet Union by directly joining them. But they still betrayed Finland & did not honor their treaties with them. I hate treaties except in dealing with peaceful trade, etc. However when such tiny countries do not honor mutually defending each other against a monstrous genocidal Zionist jew creation of limitless evil like the Soviet Union then it makes all treaties worthless. In the end it is almost always your own country, your own nation, your own patriotric people no matter how overwheming to defend themselves against all comers, the world! Like South America’s War of Annihilation!

        God Bless Hezbollah militia of Lebanon for helping the Syrian people from the Israeli-serving hoards of mercenaries! Such selfless courage & risk as a volunteer is unmatched! Such foresight to know Lebanon is next to be exterminated by Israel’s orders and puppets & human fodder!

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      2. I have my friend’s work on the History of the Ax’s military & allies and the Waffen SS. Unluckily cannot post it due to rights policy. CONTRARY to what the brainkilled boobuses think, the Waffens were a real European Army where volunteers of all nations of Europe, Russia and Muslims too militiated together to fight the globo plutocracies and the marxist materialism. It was the biggest & most motivated european army ever.


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