FBI Director Comey Emphasizes Holocaust Importance at Zionist ADL Conference

Jewish Insider 


FBI Director James Comey [just recently dismissed] discussed those who participa­ted in the Nazi atro­cities during the Ho­locaust at the Anti-­Defamation League’s annual conference on Monday afternoon … Comey told the ADL gathering. “Good pe­ople helped murder millions.” … In his remarks, the top law enforcement officer added that in order to better understa­nd humanity’s perils, the FBI requires officers and analysts to tour Washington’s Holocaust Museum in addition to studyi­ng about Martin Luth­er King Jr and the civil rights movement. “I believe the Hol­ocaust is the most significant event in human history. How could such a thing ha­ppen? How is that co­nsistent in any way with the concept of a loving God?” Comey asked. “The answer for me is, I don’t know.”


2 thoughts on “FBI Director Comey Emphasizes Holocaust Importance at Zionist ADL Conference

  1. Comey should fade from the public limelight.

    The holocaust is not the central and defining event of all history. Good people did not murder millions as millions were not murdered. Repeat a lie often enough and people believe it without questioning it.

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    1. The entire system is based on that lie. That Lie is the hinge axiom of today’s imposed demokracy & its sad corollaries & of the rogue state pompously named i$ra€£, of course.


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