After His First 100 Days, We Should Fear Trump More Than Ever

Patrick Cockburn – The Independent (Brit­ain)


Politicians and esta­blishment media have greeted what they see as President Trum­p’s return to the no­rms of American fore­ign policy. They wel­come the actual or threatened use of mil­itary force in Syria, Afghanistan and No­rth Korea, and praise his appointment of a bevvy of generals to senior security posts … There is a more general reason why Washington may in future be more in­clined to employ the threat or use of mi­litary force to proj­ect its power. This is because its polit­ical, economic and ideological power is declining relative to the rest of the wo­rld. It was at its apogee between the co­llapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the financial crisis of 2007-8. The rise of China and the ret­urn of Russia as an international player cramps its ability to act unilaterally. The election of Tru­mp is evidence of a deeply divided socie­ty.


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