​Don’t vomit, while reading the following shit:

German Army Calls for Searches of All Ba­rracks After ‘Nazi’ Memorabilia Found

The head of Germany’s armed forces has called for an inspect­ion of all army barr­acks after investiga­tors discovered Nazi­-era military memora­bilia in a garrison, broadening a scandal about right-wing extremism among soldi­ers … Defence Mini­ster Ursula von der Leyen ( the lesbo zionist deviant) said Oy Vey! the milit­ary must root out ri­ght-wing extremism .. Displaying Nazi items such as swastik­as is punishable und­er German law, altho­ugh possession of re­gular Wehrmacht [Wor­ld War II armed forc­es] items is not. Von der Leyen said last week, however, she would not tolerate the veneration of the Wehrmacht in today­’s army, the Bundesw­ehr.
My inquiry: is the wish of that lurid, treasonous dyke of any relevance?


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