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  1. Please give me this as an intial post:

    Portland Police Shoot/Execute Man After Chase Onto MAX Train Tracks Hoax 33 & 666 Coded! Butch Dyke Reverse Tranny Crisis Actwhore

    Completely No Justifiable Reason To Shoot This Guy In This Ridiculous ZioMedia ZioDHS Hoax Script! Also at Bottom see video Butch Dyke with Girlfriend mentions we have kids! Why mention that as a witness??? No Reason as except to Push the Zionist Jew Tranny Fag Agenda!

    From This ZioMedia News Script: “Transit officers arrived in the area of a transit station near 92nd Avenue and Flavel Street shortly after 7 p.m. and chased the suspect by foot north onto the tracks…” So 9+2+7 is 18 aka 666 Hoax Code!
    Also 92+7 is 99 like 9& 9 aka 33 & 33 also upside down 66 short version of 666 in Ziotrash Judeac Insane Occultic.. & 66 is like dual 33° also..

    Also in the ZioMedia Script:
    “The officer who fired his weapon will be put on paid administrative leave, as is standard practice.” ..”Standard Practice” aka letting you know it’s a standard Drill style Hoax!

    “The officer-involved shooting is the third in Portland this year. Police shot Quanice Hayes and Don Perkins on the same day in early February Hayes died, and Perkins recovered.”

    3rd officer shooting this years & then it list the other 2 guys + this guy is 3 So 3&3 for another 33 code in this story!

    Hoax PsyOp News Story with Reverse Tranny Butch Biker Style Dyke

    This is one of atleast 4 Zionist Gun Confiscation Treason hoaxes/PsyOps pulled off yesterday & Today DHS/FEMA Drill STYLE in Portland!


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