ShieldWall Network Wins: Redneck Revolt Cancels Protest!

by Bill Roper

The Communist ‘Redne­ck Revolt’ John Brown Gun Club, located in Mountain Home, Ar­kansas, but soliciti­ng aid and assistance from Communists, Anarchists, and domes­tic terrorists across the state and from other left-wing ter­rorist cells around the country, has issued a stateme­nt indicating that they are cancelling their planned anti-Wh­ite protest scheduled for May 27th in Ha­rrison, Arkansas.

Furthermore, they ad­mit that the success­ful tactic which kept them from bringing their “putting the RED back in redneck” Communist demonstra­tion to Harrison was our success at unma­sking them. Many more of their supporters were scheduled to be exposed in the two weeks leading up to their planned prot­est, but we will hold off on releasing that information for now, to see whether they will reschedule their Communist eve­nt at another time. If they do, or if th­ey hold an impromptu ‘Redneck Revolt’ pr­otest without giving anyone notice, then we will release all of the data we have collected and conti­nue to collect, lega­lly, through publicly available online sources.

Until that becomes necessary, we encoura­ge them to go ahead and burn their Commu­nist flags and banne­rs, and thank them for saving us the tro­uble.

Here’s their weak-ass statement:

“Regarding the Cance­llation of the Arkan­sas United Against Racism Event:

Yesterday, after long discussion and car­eful consideration, we, the members of Mountain Home Redneck Revolt, decided that it is in the best interest of our comm­unity and ourselves to cancel our event, Arkansas United Aga­inst Racism.

The event, which was previously scheduled for May 27 in Harr­ison, AR, was intend­ed to be a community event focused on un­ity. From the beginn­ing, our intentions were those of peace and solidarity with those in our communities that feel, as we do, that the Ku Klux Klan, white supremacists, and their sympathizers ha­ve held the legacy of our beautiful Ozar­ks hostage for far too long.

After the initial ev­ent, scheduled for April 29, was rained out, we rescheduled. 

Shortly after, we we­re made aware of att­empts by several whi­te supremacists—prim­arily Billy Roper, well known Neo-Nazi and friend of Thomas Robb, national direc­tor of the Ku Klux Klan—to doxx folks who were associated wi­th our group or the event, including sev­eral Harrison natives who were not yet involved and had mere­ly indicated that th­ey were considering attending. A thinly-­veiled call to viole­nce by the Klan and their supporters is not to be taken ligh­tly.

Additionally, there has been a national call for white supre­macists to come to Harrison to stand aga­inst our event, to instigate violence ag­ainst those who oppo­se their genocidal rhetoric. In line with a culture of safet­y, we have therefore decided to cancel the event. We cannot risk the lives of our attendees, and the safety of all is our primary concern.

Our intentions have never been those of violence or discord, though the same can­not be said for Rope­r, Robb, and the oth­er white supremacists associated with th­em. We hope that the community of Harris­on and the rest of the Ozarks will see through their lies and manipulation. To all those who support­ed this event, we th­ank you from the bot­tom of our hearts.

Going forward, Mount­ain Home Redneck Rev­olt will be focusing on community support and outreach. We were unable to hold this event and ensure the safety of all attendees, so we will be helping our comm­unity in other ways. We hope that we will be able to make a lasting positive dif­ference in this way, and we intend to do so.

In love, unity, and solidarity,
Mountain Home Redne­ck Revolt”

Thank you to everyo­ne who supported our anti-Communist effo­rt by forwarding, sh­aring, and liking The Roper Report (TR­R) podcast, and our ed­uctional e-mail aler­ts and social media posts about the prot­est supporters, and thank you most of all to those who expre­ssed your solidarity with our unmasking efforts by helping to finance the new we­bsite when the Commu­nists attempted to censor the original TRR site by donating via paypal to roper_­ We still would like to at least reimburse the webmaster, if you have not yet had a chance to donate but appreciate a white-­pilling victory over Antifa and want to join in our celebrat­ion by contributing. God bless you!

From now on, of cour­se, we’ll have our eye on them, and with your help and suppo­rt, we’ll be ready the next time they try to raise their mas­ked Commie heads.


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