AlbertRudolf: Jewish cancer spread to China


2 thoughts on “AlbertRudolf: Jewish cancer spread to China

  1. The Jewish influence among Asiatic peoples are especially dangerous considering the fact that Eastern Asians (Orientals) have an inherent lack of compassion/empathy in ratio to their high intellect (analytical only not creative). Combine this with fact with that they are r/ selected in terms of evolution meaning they compete via exponential growth not unlike a locust swarm. While Asians may understand or be able to utilize the core principles of European science and technology they lack the ability to invent these things on their own added they appear indifferent or antagonistic to environmental preservation or true innovation. (With the exception of Japan and Bhutan).

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    1. Shareable comment. We can see a trait d’union between african & oriental people on this specific subject. Yet, the culture of the latter (expecially the intellectuals) is too superior to the one of the former to make any comparison appear feasible. Talking about awareness:
      Lankaweb explains greatly the nefarious influence of global judaism on that country.

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