U-TX Austin DHS Fake Stabbed Dead Crisis Actor Harrison Brown, Lori Irvin Brown & Crime Partner Hendrick Liaw Steal $167K Via Fraud!

by Cowboy

Ex 17) U-TX Austin DHS Fake Stabbed Dead Crisis Actor Harrison Brown, Lori Irvin Brown & Crime Partner Hendrick Liaw Steal $167K Via Fraud!

Filthy Traitorous ZioPuppet Scums perpetrating Fraud & Treason Against The American People to DisArm Them for the Zionist Jew Psychopaths! & Jonestein InfoWhores are Pushing it to as Real!<–See bottom



Lori & Harrison Brown’s Crime Partner & fellow Crisis Actwhore “Hendrick Liaw”



Alex Jonestein’s Nearly All ZioJew Crew IndoWhores Pushing The Univ of TX Austin Stabbing Hoax Heavily As A Real Event & Thus Helping The Psychopaths Zionists’ Treason Agendas Against Americans!


What a disgrace you are Alex Jonestein!!!

I’m 95% Sure this young Blonde Female Crisis Actor is the same girl connected in pictures with Harrison Brown in Picture on a website, yet here she acts as an unrelated bystander & student & UT Austin! She may be his sister even!!!


Is This blonde Avery Robinson UT Student in all these picture with Harrison Brown the same Crisis Actor playing a Bystander false witness in the video above!



Also I have found several aliases proveable of this fraudster traitor Spook Lori Irvin Brown already & I will find her fake dead fraudster supposed “husband” ALIVE as well! Kurt Brown is ALIVE! & a fraudster ..just like his fake dead constantly Baphomet/ Tranny-Fag signing son! How many pictures are there of this freak Harrison Brown signing to his goat- face Tranny Fag Jew god Baphomet??? Huh?



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