Ziotrash ISIS CRISIS Actwhores Stage Fake Bombing Attack @ Manchester, UK Ariana Grande Concert -69 Coded & Mossad ZioTrash Witches Rita Katz & Geller & Busted!

by Cowboy

The old filthy, bloodthirsty, warmongering fraudster Ziotrash witch Rita Katz is involved so you know it is a PsyOp! & The hoax script says 19 killed & 50 more injured to get a 69 occult code!


Ex A-2) Zionist ISIS CRISIS Actwhore$ Stage Hoax Attack @ Manchester, UK Arriane Grande Concert -Mossad ZioTrash Rita Katz Involved Propagating the PsyOp


A-3) Manchester Mossad Terrorist Hideous Bloodthirsty Ziotrash Witch Rita Katz-slime


ExB) Ariana Grande Manchester UK Concert Bombing Pre-Scripted Montage Picture of Fake Victim/VicSim Proves Hoax

This was picture ziomagically immediately Propagated By Rita Katz’s fellow Mossad Agent Genocidal Psychopath bloodthirsty zionist jew Pamela Geller!


Where did Geller get this picture so fast??? From the zionist jew directors ofcourse, of this Psychological Terror Attack Operation against the UK People to warmonger them!

ExC) Ariana Grande Hoax Crisis Actwhore with Water bottle Looks Like Her Hampster Just Died Learning 50 People Killed at her Concert!

Zero chance anyone was hurt or died! The poor little rich girl can’t force a tear for the 50 plus fake dead Victims/ VicsSim at her Concert Bombing PsyOp!


17 AT 4:12 AM

ExI) Ariana Grande Crisis Actwhore Faking Her Grief Over Hoax Dead Bombing Victims of her Fake Terror Attack! Covering her mouth trying Hard not To Laugh!

What a piece of fraudster ZioTrash! She is as silly as those two Buffoon SWAT Cop ActWhores photoshopped next to her!


ExH) Manchester Concert Announcer Blows Hoax Apart! Tells people there is no trouble (no bombing) just leave carefully!


There was no ISIS CRISIS Actor bombing at all!!! Nevermind the despicable ziopuppet traitors within UK Govt & ZioUK Media & all the ziotrash puppets! Nevermind the treacherous effort of Ziotrash Witches Pam Geller & Rita Katz!

ExG) Manchester Concert Bombing Crisis Actwhore Kiera Dawber


ExG-2&3) Manchester Hoax Concert Bombing Crisis Actwhore Traitor Kiera Dawber Mossad trash Needs Money for Worldwide Treason Travels!


She’s got a lot of zioScams & PsyOps to pull off worldwide!

Give me money$$$ you filthy dumb goyim animals!