Marrano Jew Serial Murderer (of Goyim) NFL Player Aaron Hernandez Fake Death Today- Now He’s Off Scot-Free!

by Cowboy
He’s Not Dead just rewarded well for the murder of Goyim! A high holy sacrifice to Moloche & the Talmud & Self Chosen Genocidally Racist Tribe & Religion of Babylon & Baal!


8 thoughts on “Marrano Jew Serial Murderer (of Goyim) NFL Player Aaron Hernandez Fake Death Today- Now He’s Off Scot-Free!

  1. This Jewish looking wretched hideous looking creature is Aaron Hernandez’s official mother “Terri Hernandez”! She doesn’t look Mexican or Latino at all, not even Marrano really just jewish! So like I don’t have enough research on the table on all these PsyOps nobody else is even researching at all… I’ll look up her maiden name & aliases!
    I bet like a good ziotrash jew sayanim she’ll have lots of aliases!!!


    1. The whole thing is fake, certainly so far as he is dead of Suicide. No Goyim is allowed to commit murder like this by zio controlled Courts. Few Jews can be NFL players except as lineman where size & steriods matter most & other skills less. He is a Psychopath & psychopaths don’t commit suicide. Most Serial murderers are jewish. I researched Ed Gein’s ancestry for example & his family name was changed from jewish name Gee to Gein. 40% or greater of Mexicans & Puerto Ricans & Carribean Islanders have some jewish blood due to Jewish slave owners raping their slaves. Hernandez is a crypto jew who could not make the cut as a football player after a coupe years & may have really killed people so they let him & used him in this series of more real or fake Ritual murders & PsyOps! I could research his ancestry but all his names may be Marrano or goyim dual possibility names. Maybe some will be strictly jewish ones, then you can be sure. If he was a baseball pitcher or an NFL quarterback it would be less likely he could be a crypto or marrano jew.. Jews are always used in these PsyOps so often, so disportunately because of their allegiance to the tribe & different code of morals than most other humans & willingness to keep their secrets.. This is a high level psyOp. 0% chance he us dead!


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